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Alagus Print Admin Pro 3.0

cost for the printed pages by defining the price for every different paper format (A4, A3, B4, etc). Get an instant notification (popup message or/and e-mail) for every event that you have chosen. Use the unique options Save, Load, Copy, Paste, Pause, Resume, Restart and Cancel (just like in Windows) for manipulating the print jobs. See the status of your printers by checking online the LCD display, tray status, detail printer information. You can

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Alagus Print Admin 4.0(build 1923): Alagus Print Admin 4.0 - management, audit and quota software. All in one

Alagus Print Admin 4.0(build 1923)

Alagus Print Admin 4.0 is a complex software system for managing the entire print process in your organization. It offers you many solutions in one product: Audit the customer’s print activities and devices; Limiting the printing by setting print quota; Full management of the printers and print documents; Track, control and observation of the events in the print process; Statistics and reports on the actual print activity.

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Print Software - CZ Print Polisher 1.0

paper costs. Key Features: Zoom-in/Zoom-out Print Preview. Print multiple pages on single paper sheet. Skip pages from Printing, right at the time of Printing! Add Headers and Footer to first or each Paper Sheet with user name, computer name...etc easily. Add Multi-line Watermarks. Export Print Page to BMP,JPG,TIFF,EMF,TGAPCX,JP2,JPC,PGX,PCX,RAS,PNM Images with only one mouse click. Define Margins as per your need, with just few mouse clicks. Send

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PaintCOST Estimator for Excel 10.2: Painting and Wallcovering Cost Estimating System for Excel

PaintCOST Estimator for Excel 10.2

costs and labor costs in addition to labor hours for job scheduling. PaintCOST Estimator instantly creates user-modifiable on-screen or printed estimate reports including formatted price quotation and paint buy list. Use PaintCOST Estimator as an estimating and sales tool to save time, improve accuracy and achieve greater success. PaintCOST Estimator is designed and developed in the USA by CPR, Inc., a leading provider of cost estimating software

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GeneralCost Estimator for Excel 9.2: General construction cost estimating system for Excel with localized cost data

GeneralCost Estimator for Excel 9.2

cost estimates. Designed for Microsoft Excel and improving on its capabilities, GeneralCOST Estimator is contained completely within an Excel file with several built-in cost data worksheets. Designed specifically for contractors, builders, cost estimators, architects and construction professionals. As a construction professional, improving cost estimating efficiency translates to profits. GeneralCOST Estimator contains industry standard cost data

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JobCost Controller for Excel 7.1: Construction Job Cost Tracking and Reporting System for Excel

JobCost Controller for Excel 7.1

Cost Tracking and Reporting System for Excel. Designed specifically for contractors, builders, remodelers, project managers, cost engineers and architects, JobCOST Controller tracks construction costs tied to user-defined cost categories. Reports budgets, actuals and committed costs. Accurately forecasts costs at job completion, reports variances, alerts for over and under budget activities. JobCOST Controller tracks construction costs for each period

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Who Write My Paper Cheap” 2.0: Ask Professional Academic Writer to Write My Paper Cheap To Get Best Grades

Who Write My Paper Cheap” 2.0

paper cheap”. Many times students keep wondering if there is any option to consult some professional academic paper writing company which can provide them custom paper having professional support and also have the capability to meet with all the instructions given by teachers. One more requirement students have is the price of the custom papers. They want someone whom they can say write my paper cheap while maintaining the quality of the paper.

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Fuel Calculator 2.0: Calculates fuel cost per mile or for a trip. Compares pevious fuel costs.

Fuel Calculator 2.0

Calculates fuel cost per mile or for trip. Compares previous fuel costs to current costs. Track multiple vehicles, different fuel costs, and unlimited trips. Computes daily, monthly, and annual costs for vehicles. Cost data from vehicles is automatically included as part of trip calculations. You see fuel costs and other associated vehicle costs for your trip. See what the ups and downs of fuel prices are really costing you!

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CostOS Estimating Standard Edition 1.8: Cost Estimating Software for Construction Management

CostOS Estimating Standard Edition 1.8

CostOS Estimating enables Cost Estimators to build cost estimates quickly and accurately. It catches the experience gained from previous estimates and enables the user to quickly build new ones based on previous already estimated items. A construction company can build a network of suppliers and subcontractors, keep a record of the cost efficiency of its equipment fleet and maintain a database with cost rates from different geographical areas.

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RemodelCost Estimator for Excel 9.2: Remodel construction cost estimating system for Excel with localized cost data

RemodelCost Estimator for Excel 9.2

Cost Estimating System for Excel. Designed specifically for home remodelers, builders, cost estimators and architects. RemodelCOST Estimator contains extensive industry standard user-modifiable unit cost data for all cost categories covering remodel construction as well as local city indexes that automatically adjusts costs for local geographic area. RemodelCOST Estimator instantly creates user-modifiable, on-screen or printed estimate reports including

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